A small error creeps into everyday life and grows to an unbearable annoyance - and one day it creates a huge overreaction. This have to be somebodies fault! The wheel of accidents is set in motion. Error 40 is the story of the splinter in your food, that will be the nail in the neighbors coffin and how an simple act of kindness can start a avalanche of helpfulness.

Tragedy and comedy come together in this performance, which Theatre Burning Love delivers with lots of gags, poetry, body language and liberating humor. It is street theater with sharpened edges and lots of laughs.

Starring: Line Svendsen, Kristian Dinesen og Jens Kløft
Dramatists: Annegrete Kraul & Jens Kløft
Instructions: Bodil El Jørgensen

Set Design: Henriette Lubanski

The show is supported by the Danish Arts Committee of the National Arts Council.